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Evan Tynan

Creative Design-Marketing/Branding Triple Crown Sports

Evan Tynan is a proficient design and marketing expert specializing in the sports sector. His adeptness in graphic design and strategic branding has played a pivotal role in advancing the visibility and market adaptability of numerous organizations.

Current Roles & Duties

At Triple Crown Sports, Evan engages with various clients to enhance their marketing strategies. His central focus lies in capturing the target audience's interest. He views graphic design not just as aesthetic decoration but as a vital link between the audience and the organization's foundational values and distinctive features. His broad expertise in digital media and marketing strategies is crucial for helping organizations optimize their outreach efforts and ensure that every investment in design yields significant returns, regardless of the brand’s prominence.

Career History

Over the past decade, he has developed a substantial career in marketing and communications, constantly growing his portfolio and reinforcing his industry presence. His professional journey began as a volunteer intern at the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club, from where he ascended the ranks by prioritizing learning and professional growth over personal recognition. His career, fueled by a passion for sports, has spanned various levels within organizations associated with NCAA Division II, NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball. This experience has afforded him multiple promotions and expanded his professional capabilities.

Professional Skills and Experience

Evan Tynan is keen on pinpointing and highlighting the distinctive qualities of the teams and organizations he partners with, exploring how sports events can bridge communities and inspire individuals. His deep understanding of branding allows him to create compelling visual narratives that communicate powerful messages to a broad audience.


Tynan takes immense pride in the trajectory of his career, which has evolved from a simple unpaid internship to a series of well-calculated professional advancements. His creative work has garnered several accolades, such as the "The Bird is the Word: Grow Native for Birds" and the 2020 Jazz & Beyond Festival Logo contests. More importantly, his consistent recognition in everyday professional settings attests to his lasting success.

Known for exceeding client expectations and his exemplary teamwork at Triple Crown Sports, he also has a knack for balancing standout individual contributions with supportive team dynamics. This blend of talents underscores his integral role on any team.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

An avid golfer, fisherman, and bowler, Evan has a deep enthusiasm for both collegiate and professional sports, especially those involving Colorado teams. His participation extends beyond mere spectating—he actively engages in charity sports events and supports initiatives like Jerry Schemmel’s Race Across America. Additionally, he contributes to Protect the Game, a non-profit aimed at providing former service members with opportunities to become sports officials, addressing the critical shortage in this field.

Each night, Evan Tynan finds relaxation at home with his faithful dog, Fred. He often enjoys the latest sports matches, seamlessly integrating his personal passions with his professional pursuits.

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